“I am a tennis professional and I met Mary Pat when I moved to the west coast last year. I had heard many wonderful things about her so I jumped into one of her drills. Her approach and teaching methods were both fresh and innovative. Over the last year, I have had the opportunity to get to know Mary Pat better both as a colleague and as a student. The way that she teaches brings a new approach to the “old tried and true” ways of teaching. We are moving forward faster than imaginable in sports with our equipment. The technology today is making our racquets better and better. Mary Pat is moving forward in her approach to teaching right along with all of this new technology. Not a lot of professionals in our industry have the talent and ability to change and move forward. Not only does Mary Pat do this but, she does it with her own brand of humor and fun. I have used her I’m proud to say on the court when I teach. There are innumerable techniques and ideas that I have learned from her over the last year. My students and I are very grateful for what she continues to contribute to the game of tennis. They say the best teacher is the one that can teach the teacher. Well, Mary Pat has done that with interest. Thank you MP!”