“Tennis is more than a sport, more than executing the shots, more than beating the opponent; it is a life philosophy. As such, if you are lucky enough to get a lesson with Mary Pat, you are also given a life lesson. As a tennis teacher/coach, Mary Pat astounds her students by her knowledge and care. You can be playing 3 courts away from her teaching court, with numerous windscreens between you, and while fully focusing on the student on her court – she will still let you know that you had the wrong grip on the shot you just missed. Every aspect of the game is distilled to its intention, whether it is the footwork, swing mechanism or body direction. Every movement and exercise is with the purpose of playing the game well and to protect our bodies; to be aware of our core and supporting muscles and make them more efficient. And – that “aha moment” extends past the tennis court. In our cluttered lives, perhaps “focus” is her greatest lesson.”